Un antivol moto connecté pour Roadster

A connected motorcycle lock for Roadster

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By installing a connected motorcycle lock for Roadster , you offer the best protection to your motorcycle. Small and completely invisible, GeoRide will help you monitor your motorcycle from anywhere in the world.

The motorcycle anti-theft device connected to a smartphone for Roadster

The smartphone-connected motorcycle anti-theft device for roadsters is essential equipment for any motorcyclist concerned about the safety of their motorcycle. Unlike a traditional anti-theft device which only serves to delay a theft, GeoRide, the GPS motorcycle anti-theft device for roadster allows you to act before your motorcycle is stolen.


To do this, it integrates a vibration sensor which constantly analyzes the inclination of your motorcycle. As soon as someone touches it while it is parked, the box detects the vibration and immediately notifies you on your Android or iOS smartphone.

The latest version of GeoRide is manufactured, wired, assembled and packaged in France! This 100% French design allows the case to be followed throughout the entire manufacturing process to offer a reliable product that will meet the needs of all motorcyclists.

A connected motorcycle lock for Roadster A connected motorcycle lock for Roadster

With a 33% more compact format, the box can be installed under all motorcycle saddles! More resistant to shocks and with better waterproofing, GeoRide works perfectly in all situations.

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Its installation does not require any special knowledge or tools. Once connected to your motorcycle's battery, GeoRide is fully functional.

A GPS anti-theft device for Roadster motorcycles

A GPS anti-theft device for Roadster motorcycles offers additional protection allowing you to know the exact position of your motorcycle.

Directly from the GeoRide application, you can not only know where your motorcycle is parked, but also track its movement and speed in real time!

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The anti-theft GPS beacon for Roadster motorcycles offers precision reliability up to 1 meter. Whether you are underground, in town surrounded by buildings or in the countryside, you will have access to the exact location of your roadster with very high precision

Combined with the 110 dB audible alarm integrated into GeoRide, you can deter people who approach too close to your motorcycle, but also locate it with greater precision if it were to be stored in a box following a flight.

The new version of GeoRide not only improves GPS accuracy, but also the reliability of exchanges with servers. From now on, the Roadster anti-theft motorcycle GPS tracker uses 4G LTE-M technology instead of the 2G network.

More efficient, more reliable, but also much more energy efficient, your motorcycle will be protected even when you are not using it.

With an autonomy of up to 4 months, the GeoRide case offers protection to all motorcycles, even those that do not ride for many months. To avoid draining your motorcycle's battery, GeoRide, the anti-theft GPS chip for Roadster motorcycles automatically switches to its internal battery when that of your Roadster begins to be empty.

By permanently accessing your motorcycle's position data, the Roadster motorcycle GPS lock keeps in memory the history of the trips you have made! You can relive your best rides from the application and see your speed, the weather, the distance or even the inclination you took in a turn!


Share your best roadbooks with the GeoRide community and go for a ride with other bikers in your region! The GeoRide social network is the best place to find enthusiasts ready to hit the roads with you.

GPS and anti-theft tracker for Roadster motorcycle

The Roaster GPS and anti-theft motorcycle tracker is compatible with all motorcycles of all brands! Kawasaki Z650, Yamaha MT-07, Kawasaki ER6N, Aprilia Shiver and Triumph Street Triple are protected in the same way.

The GeoRide roadster box can also be installed on vehicles without batteries! Its internal battery allows it to last up to 14 days without you needing to recharge it.

More powerful, more precise, more durable, GeoRide is above all more intelligent! To best secure your motorcycle, the box recognizes its owner. Thanks to the Bluetooth badge sold with GeoRide, you can activate and deactivate the protection of your roadster without needing to use your smartphone.

When you are near your motorcycle, within a radius of 2 meters, the badge deactivates the security of your motorcycle so that you can take to the road without triggering the alarm. As soon as you take a break or stop, the connected motorcycle lock for Roadster detects when the engine is turned off and the badge is moved away to automatically activate the security.

The GeoRide bluetooth badge has a battery life of 2 years. To save battery power, it only activates when it is moving! If you do not use your motorcycle for many months, the Bluetooth badge will remain on standby until you take the key to your vehicle again.

Available from €9.99/month , Georide , the motorcycle anti-theft device for roadsters can work in more than 170 countries around the world at no additional cost.

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