Un antivol moto connecté pour Kawasaki

A connected motorcycle lock for Kawasaki

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The connected motorcycle lock for Kawasaki is an effective way to protect your motorcycle against theft. Small and completely invisible, no one will suspect that your motorcycle is secure.

The motorcycle anti-theft device connected to a smartphone for Kawasaki

A motorcycle lock connected to a smartphone for Kawasaki allows you to know, remotely, whether your motorcycle is in danger or not. The vibration sensor integrated into GeoRide detects the slightest suspicious event on your vehicle and notifies you immediately on your Android or iOS phone.


Unlike a traditional anti-theft device which only serves to delay thieves, GeoRide, the GPS motorcycle anti-theft device for Kawasaki allows you to detect theft before it takes place.

A connected motorcycle lock for Kawasaki A connected motorcycle lock for Kawasaki

The audio alarm integrated into the case is also essential to improve the safety of your motorcycle. It can be triggered as soon as someone gets on your motorcycle, thanks to vibration detection, but it can also be activated remotely from your phone!

Locate your motorcycle in real time
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This way, if people are hovering too close to your motorcycle and you have an eye on them, you can dissuade them without having to move. Very practical when you make stops in cities during your motorcycle ride.

A GPS lock for Kawasaki motorcycles

The Kawasaki motorcycle GPS anti-theft device not only allows you to anticipate a theft, but also to locate your motorcycle in real time!

The Kawasaki motorcycle anti-theft GPS chip integrated into GeoRide uses European satellites to precisely locate your motorcycle. Whether you are in the countryside, in town or even underground, the GPS tracker can locate your motorcycle to within 1 meter.

At the end of your walks, you can have access to all of your routes with great reliability, which allows you to create precise road books for your future walks. You will find all the information directly in the application: average speed, maximum speed, journey time and even the weather.

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In the event of theft, the GPS tracking functionality lets you know exactly where your motorcycle has been stored. Combined with the audible alarm, you can accurately check the position of your motorcycle, especially if it is stored in a box.

The police will then be able to intervene immediately to recover your motorcycle, before it is damaged.

The Kawasaki motorcycle anti-theft GPS tracker uses the 4G LTE-M network to communicate with GeoRide servers. This new network considerably improves the autonomy of the box, but above all, the reliability of exchanges in all types of environments: city, countryside, basement, etc.


In the event of a network disruption, GeoRide automatically switches to a 2G network to ensure that your motorcycle is in no danger.

If a jammer is present in the area, for example during an attempted theft, then the Kawasaki motorcycle anti-theft GPS beacon will be able to detect it. You are then notified immediately on your smartphone.

GPS tracker and anti-theft device for Kawasaki motorcycle

The Kawasaki motorcycle GPS and anti-theft tracker is compatible with all types of motorcycles and all engine sizes! Whether you are in a Versys 650, Z800 or 50cc, GeoRide protects your motorcycle in the same way.

Intelligent and reliable, GeoRide can recognize its owner. The bluetooth badge delivered with GeoRide detects as soon as you are near your motorcycle. This way the case will unlock the anti-theft security so you can hit the road without triggering the alarm.

And if you stop during one of your rides, GeoRide also detects the distance between you and the motorcycle, and if you stray too far from your motorcycle, it automatically activates the lock so no one can touch Kawasaki.

Available from €9.99/month , GeoRide requires no knowledge for its installation. Once connected to your motorcycle's battery, it is perfectly functional. The new version of the box even allows installation on vehicles that do not have a battery!

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