L'antivol moto, le meilleur moyen de protéger votre deux roues

The motorcycle lock, the best way to protect your two wheels

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The motorcycle lock is the best way to protect it. But it is important to choose the right anti-theft system if you want to protect your motorcycle effectively. GeoRide is a motorcycle lock that protects your two wheels like no other system allows.

Totally invisible, it is undetectable by thieves and tamper-proof. The technology integrated into the case will allow you to prevent the theft from taking place, but also to find your motorcycle quickly if you have not had time to act.

GeoRide, a motorcycle lock connected to your smartphone

GeoRide is a motorcycle lock connected to your smartphone . It has many features that will make it essential for any motorcyclist concerned about the safety of their motorcycle.


Vibration detection which constantly analyzes the movements of your motorcycle is the perfect example. In the event of an unexpected movement, the GeoRide box sends the alert immediately to your smartphone so that you can be notified that your motorcycle has experienced a vibration.

This way, if someone with bad intentions gets on your motorcycle or tries to move it, you will be immediately notified on your Android or iOS phone and you can intervene quickly.

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A powerful 110 dB alarm is also integrated into GeoRide, the motorcycle anti-theft system . If movement or vibration is detected, the siren is triggered to deter thieves.

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Placed under the saddle of your motorcycle, GeoRide is completely invisible! Thieves will not realize that your motorcycle is protected, and it will be impossible for them to remove the case without you being notified.

GeoRide is also a GPS motorcycle lock . Thanks to the GPS beacon integrated into the case, you can know where your motorcycle is at any time, with an accuracy of up to 1 meter. If your vehicle is stolen, from the smartphone application, you can locate it, but also know its speed of travel, its route and therefore act to find it quickly.

The new version of GeoRide, the anti-theft GPS tracker for motorcycles , allows you to create a web link to track your motorcycle in real time from an internet browser! If your two-wheeler is stolen, you can immediately notify law enforcement and provide them with a link that will give the precise location of your motorcycle. They will therefore be able to act quickly to recover your motorcycle, before it suffers damage.

The best motorcycle lock

GeoRide is the best motorcycle lock ! Vibration detection helps detect a theft before it happens, and real-time tracking functionality helps you find your stolen motorcycle, wherever it may be. All stolen motorcycles equipped with a GeoRide box have been recovered.


Compatible with all motorcycles, whether it is a 50cc, a Yamaha MT-07 or a Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1050cc, the GeoRide motorcycle GPS anti-theft device will protect your vehicle like no other system. Connected directly to your motorcycle's battery, it can operate for several months without you needing to start your two wheels.

GeoRide is also a community motorcycle lock ! In the event of theft, and when you have reported it in the application, all the information allowing you to identify the stolen motorcycle is sent to motorcyclists equipped with GeoRide within a radius of 50 kilometers so that they can help you.

How to choose your motorcycle lock

To know how to choose your motorcycle lock , you will first need to know what you expect from your lock. Mechanical systems such as chains, disc blocks or even "U" locks are the most widespread, but they do not serve to prevent thefts, simply to delay them. In addition, these systems are often heavy or bulky and having them with you at all times is not easy.

With GeoRide, the anti-theft GPS for motorcycles , you can not only detect a theft before it happens, but also take action during and after the theft, which no other system allows you to do.

The motorcycle anti-theft GPS chip integrated into the case allows you to locate the stolen motorcycle with great precision, and find it more quickly than any other motorcycle system. Placed under the saddle of your motorcycle, it permanently protects it without you realizing it on a daily basis.

No more need for a key and wasting time fixing a wheel lock, which can sometimes damage your motorcycle if you forget to remove it. GeoRide, the anti-theft GPS beacon for motorcycles , comes with a Bluetooth proximity badge.

So, when you are close to your motorcycle, the box recognizes you and deactivates the protection. During a break or stop, if you move too far from your two wheels, GeoRide notices this and automatically activates the protection of your motorcycle so that no one can touch it.

Invisible in everyday life, light and effective, stop looking for how to choose the best motorcycle lock , and buy GeoRide , the number one motorcycle protection system.

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