Une alarme moto sur smartphone pour Yamaha 

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for Yamaha

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Install GeoRide, a smartphone motorcycle alarm for Yamaha to protect it against theft attempts. Efficient and connected, the GeoRide motorcycle lock will secure your motorcycle in the best possible way.

Motorcycle alarm for Yamaha


By choosing GeoRide, the motorcycle alarm for Yamaha , you offer the best protection to your two wheels. This small connected box will allow you to prevent theft attempts!

Installing the motorcycle alarm for Yamaha is extremely simple. Simply place it under the saddle of your motorcycle, and power it by connecting it to the battery (very easy on an MT-07, XSR, MT-09, MT-10 for example).

For users who have no knowledge in this area, GeoRide has thought of you! An explanatory video guide is integrated into the application to guide you step by step.

GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for Yamaha motorcycle GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for Yamaha motorcycle

Unlike a classic anti-theft device, GeoRide is completely invisible. It will therefore be very difficult for anyone to detect its presence, and it will become impossible to remove it without you being notified!

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With an autonomy of several days, you can use GeoRide, the two-wheel alarm for Yamaha, even if you do not use your motorcycle every day. The box will recharge as soon as you use your vehicle again to go for a walk or go to work!

The best way to prevent theft is to anticipate it. With integrated vibration detection, GeoRide is an anti-lifting motorcycle alarm for Yamaha !

As soon as someone touches your motorcycle or tries to ride it, the box will then send a push notification directly to your Android or iOS smartphone. This way, you can intervene before your motorcycle is stolen and make sure nothing has happened to it.

A GPS alarm for Yamaha motorcycle

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GeoRide is also a GPS alarm for Yamaha motorcycles ! If you were unable to intervene at the time of the incident, GeoRide has thought of everything by integrating a GPS tracker!

This feature will allow you to know where your motorcycle is at any time! From the GeoRide app, you will have access to its movement speed, as well as where it was hidden.

This data is extremely important, it will allow you to provide accurate information to law enforcement so that they can find your motorcycle before it suffers damage.

GeoRide is the best motorcycle alarm for Yamaha ! Very responsive, it takes on average 3 seconds between the vibration of your motorcycle and the notification on your phone. Whether you are at home, or taking a break during one of your walks, it will be easy for you to intervene before the worst happens.

A connected motorcycle alarm for Yamaha


The connected motorcycle alarm for Yamaha is available in more than thirty countries throughout Europe! Your motorcycle will therefore be secure on all of your road trips, whether you are in France or not.

And in the event of a network problem in the most remote places in the country, such as in certain countryside, GeoRide will be able to adapt! By automatically switching to the operator providing the best network, you are guaranteed to have a protected motorcycle, no matter where you are!

Unlike some other systems, GeoRide is accessible to everyone! The price of the motorcycle alarm for Yamaha starts at €9.99/month, which will allow all small budgets to effectively protect their motorcycle while connecting it to their smartphone.

You will benefit from all the services that GeoRide offers: protection of your motorcycle, real-time location, calculation of speed during journeys, routes for your rides, etc. The essentials to effectively protect your motorcycle, but also to learn more about your driving style!

In addition to being at an affordable price, GeoRide also allows you to lower the price of your insurance deductible as well as your monthly payments! If insurance companies trust GeoRide to protect your motorcycle, you can too!

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