Une alarme moto sur smartphone pour Suzuki 

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for Suzuki

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With a smartphone motorcycle alarm for Suzuk i, you can protect your motorcycle like no other system allows. GeoRide, the two-wheel alarm for Suzuki, allows you to put your motorcycle in your pocket to keep an eye on it from anywhere in the world!

Motorcycle alarm for Suzuki


With the motorcycle alarm for Suzuki , your motorcycle is secure. Installing the motorcycle alarm for Suzuki can be done in just a few minutes. Simply install the small connected box under the saddle of your two wheels and connect it to the battery.

Once powered, it can run for several days without you needing to start your motorcycle! Very practical for those who do not use it every day to get to work.

You can therefore install GeoRide, the Suzuk i motorcycle alarm system , even when you only use your motorcycle for weekend rides.

GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for Suzuki motorcycle GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for Suzuki motorcycle

The advantage of this solution is that it is completely invisible. People who want to steal your motorcycle won't even realize it's secure. It will therefore become impossible for anyone to remove GeoRide from your motorcycle!

GeoRide's built-in vibration detection lets you know at any time when someone touches your motorcycle.

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The notification appears on your smartphone in just a few seconds! You will therefore be able to intervene before the thieves leave with your motorcycle.

And if they are equipped with a jamming system that prevents GeoRide from connecting to the server, you will be notified directly via push notification so you can check if your motorcycle is still safe.

A GPS alarm for Suzuki motorcycle

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With a GPS alarm for a Suzuki motorcycle , you have double security. The anti-lifting motorcycle alarm for Suzuki alerts you as soon as someone tries to steal your motorcycle, and the GPS tracker integrated into the case allows you to locate it at any time. moment !

It is not always possible to intervene during a theft. This is why GeoRide, the best motorcycle alarm for Suzuki, integrates a GPS beacon. So, when the thieves have already left, you can know their position and movement speed in real time!

With such information, law enforcement will be able to intervene more quickly and find your motorcycle before anything happens to it.

Practical in the event of theft, the GeoRide location system also allows you to retrieve the history of your rides with precise data: maximum speed, average speed, journey time, journey distance, weather, etc. You will therefore be able to learn more about your driving style, but also use this data to create motorcycle road books!

A connected motorcycle alarm for Suzuki


By opting for a connected motorcycle alarm for Suzuki , you offer the best protection to your motorcycle. Unlike traditional anti-theft devices which only serve to delay the theft, GeoRide allows you to intervene before it happens, but also to find your motorcycle without the thieves realizing it. 

The price of the motorcycle alarm for Suzuki starts at €9.99 per month. The latter allows you to benefit from all of GeoRide's services, whether you are in France or abroad!

GeoRide covers more than thirty countries in Europe and automatically switches to the best network coverage based on your location. Whether you are in the countryside, in the city, or on a road trip in another country, your motorcycle will be in your pocket and protected in the best possible way.

Insurance companies trust GeoRide! By installing the anti bike jacking motorcycle alarm for Suzuki , you can lower the amount of your Franchise.

Available on iOS and Android, GeoRide is the most complete and powerful application on the market. Share your box with your loved ones and no longer leave your motorcycle unattended.

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