Une alarme moto sur smartphone pour supermotard

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for supermotard

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GeoRide, the motorcycle alarm on smartphone for supermoto, is the best solution to effectively protect your motorcycle against theft attempts.

A motorcycle alarm for supermoto


With a motorcycle alarm for supermoto , your motorcycle will be safe! More effective than a traditional anti-theft device, GeoRide, the anti-lift motorcycle alarm for supermoto allows you to intervene before, during and after a theft!

Its vibration detection functionality allows, as its name suggests, to detect the slightest vibration on your motorcycle.

So, if someone were to get on your motorcycle, the box will detect it and notify you immediately by notification on your Android or iOS smartphone.

It takes no more than 3 seconds for the supermoto motorcycle alarm system to detect, analyze and warn that a theft is in progress.

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for supermoto A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for supermoto

Installing the motorcycle alarm for supermoto is extremely simple. Simply place the small box under your saddle and connect it to your vehicle's battery! Once in place, GeoRide will connect your motorcycle to your smartphone so you can monitor it from anywhere.

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The new version of GeoRide allows easier installation thanks to its more compact format, by 33% but also better autonomy for your motorcycle's battery!

By reducing the consumption of the case with new components, GeoRide allows your motorcycle to last 4 months without you using it! Very practical and more suitable for motorcyclists who do not use their motorcycle every day.

The two-wheel alarm for supermoto also benefits from an improvement in its internal battery! You no longer need to connect it to your vehicle's battery for it to work! With a battery life of 15 days, the box can be placed under your saddle without any connection! It will therefore be possible to install it on vehicles that do not have a battery.

A motorcycle GPS alarm for supermoto

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By opting for a motorcycle GPS alarm for supermoto , you will benefit from double protection! Vibration detection allows you to act before the theft takes place, and GPS tracking allows you to act afterwards!

In the event of theft, you will be able to have the position of your motorcycle in real time! Whether it's on the move or stored in a garage somewhere, you'll be able to locate it very easily. Thanks to the new integrated 110 dB sound alarm, it is possible to locate stolen motorcycles stored in boxes with greater precision.

The new GPS system integrated into GeoRide offers the box better precision but also greater reliability! You will be able to locate your motorcycle within 1 meter.

Once this data is transmitted to law enforcement, they will be able to find it easily, before anything happens to it.

A connected motorcycle alarm for supermoto


The connected motorcycle alarm for supermoto is essential for any motorcyclist concerned about the safety of their motorcycle! More effective than any other anti-theft system, GeoRide is the best motorcycle alarm for supermoto !

Combined with the most complete and powerful application on the market, your supermoto has never been so secure.

The motorcycle alarm for supermoto starts at €9.99/month. This allows you to secure your motorcycle everywhere in France, but also in more than 40 countries throughout Europe!

Whether you are out for a ride in another country, or on your way to work, your motorcycle will be protected in the same way thanks to the connected supermoto alarm !

By equipping yourself with GeoRide , the anti-bike jacking motorcycle alarm for supermoto , you can also reduce the amount of your insurance excess.

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