Une alarme moto sur smartphone pour Sportive

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for Sportswoman

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A smartphone motorcycle alarm for sports cars is the best solution if you want effective protection against theft for your motorcycle!

A motorcycle alarm for Sports


With a sports motorcycle alarm , your motorcycle will be safe! GeoRide, the anti-lift motorcycle alarm for sports bikes, incorporates a vibration sensor that will let you know if someone touches your motorcycle or climbs on it!

So, if your motorcycle is parked in a parking lot, on the street, or in your garage, and someone with malicious intent were to touch it, you will receive an alert immediately on your Android or iOS phone!

It only takes 3 seconds for the sports bike alarm to detect, analyze and warn!

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for Sportive A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for Sportive

Installing the sports motorcycle alarm is not complicated! Simply connect the box to your battery and place it under the saddle of your two wheels. Once in place, your motorcycle will be immediately connected to your smartphone!

GeoRide is economical and extends the life of your battery.

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This way, your motorcycle can remain off for around 4 months before its battery runs out! This improvement being requested by the community, GeoRide has made it a priority, and it could be even better following updates to the case!

For users who are less comfortable with electrical connections, GeoRide, the anti-bike jacking motorcycle alarm for sports cars, has thought of everything. Now, the new version of the box allows you to install it without connection, just by attaching it to your vehicle.

The optimizations and improvements made allow it to last more than 14 days before being recharged! Ideal for those who do not use their motorcycle every day to get to work or who want to install GeoRide on a two-wheeler without a battery.

A motorcycle GPS alarm for Sports

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GeoRide is also a motorcycle GPS alarm for sports . You will therefore have vibration detection to anticipate a theft, but also a GPS tracker to find your motorcycle!

If you were unable to react to GeoRide notifications, and your motorcycle was stolen, the GPS beacon integrated into the case will allow you to locate it at any time, and from anywhere!

With an accuracy of up to 1 meter, whether the motorcycle is in town, in the countryside or underground, GeoRide will be able to locate it with very high precision.

This information can be essential for law enforcement to find your motorcycle before something happens to it.

In addition to real-time location features, the GPS tracker allows you to view all of the trips you have made with GeoRide, the alarm system for sports motorcycles.

From the application, you will find information such as the route, the distance of the journey, your speed, the duration of the ride and the weather during your journey! Useful for creating road books and learning more about your driving style.

A connected motorcycle alarm for Sports


The connected sports motorcycle alarm is essential for motorcyclists concerned about the safety of their motorcycle. With innovative and precise features, put your motorcycle in your pocket and monitor it from anywhere.

The sports motorcycle alarm starts at €9.99/month. Your motorcycle will thus be secure throughout the country, but also beyond, in more than 100 countries in Europe!

In addition to being the best motorcycle alarm for sports cars , GeoRide is also the best smartphone application! Complete, efficient and ergonomic, it will suit all motorcyclists, even the most demanding.

GeoRide protects your motorcycle, but also allows you to save money by lowering the price of your insurance excess!

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