Une alarme moto sur smartphone pour routière

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for road

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Thanks to a motorcycle alarm on a smartphone for road use , your vehicle will be protected in the best possible way. Both connected and discreet, GeoRide is the best way to put your motorcycle in your pocket.

A motorcycle alarm for road use


If you install a motorcycle alarm for road use , you will have the most reliable protection for your two wheels.

Where a classic anti-theft device simply allows you to delay thieves, GeoRide, the anti-lifting motorcycle alarm for road vehicles allows you to act before the theft takes place!

By integrating a vibration sensor, GeoRide allows you to detect the slightest movement on your motorcycle.

If an malicious person touches your motorcycle, climbs on it, or tries to lift it, you will receive an alert immediately on your smartphone.

A motorcycle alarm on a smartphone for road use A motorcycle alarm on a smartphone for road use

It takes less than 3 seconds for GeoRide, the road motorcycle alarm system , to detect, analyze and send the alert to your Android or iOS phone.

Installing the road motorcycle alarm is quick and easy. The box is installed under the saddle of your motorcycle and connects to the vehicle's battery. Once powered, GeoRide is connected to your smartphone!

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The latest version of the two-wheel road alarm improves the consumption of the box, and therefore the battery life of the connected vehicle.

From now on, if you don't ride your motorcycle every day, you will no longer have to recharge your battery because of GeoRide!

By going from 14 days to 4 months of autonomy, GeoRide allows all motorcyclists to secure their motorcycle, even those who only use their vehicle for rides in summer.

A motorcycle GPS alarm for road use

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GeoRide is also a motorcycle GPS alarm for road use . By installing it on your vehicle, you will have double security! Vibration detection to act before a flight, and the GPS tracker to act after.

If your motorcycle were to be stolen and you did not take action when receiving notifications, with GeoRide, the anti-bike jacking motorcycle alarm for road use , you will be able to find it at any time!

The GPS beacon integrated into the case allows you to have access to the position of your motorcycle, wherever it is. If it was hidden after the theft, you will be able to know where it was stored, discreetly.

This data, once transmitted to the police, will allow them to find her before anything happens to her!

Whether you are in the countryside, in the city or in a basement, your motorcycle can be precisely located so you can ensure that it is safe

A connected motorcycle alarm for road use


A connected motorcycle alarm for road use is the ideal solution if you want to effectively protect your motorcycle. With advanced and reliable features, your vehicle will be in your pocket so you can monitor it from anywhere, anytime!

In addition to being the best motorcycle alarm for road use , GeoRide is also the most complete and efficient application on the market!

The price of the motorcycle road alarm is €9.99 per month. Essential to benefit from GeoRide services, this subscription also offers connectivity throughout the country and in more than 200 countries around the world!

Whether you're going to work, or on a road trip in another country, GeoRide, the motorcycle alarm on smartphone for road use, will protect your motorcycle in the same way.

Insurance companies trust the GeoRide alarm ! By installing it, you will be able to lower the amount of your flight excess.

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