Une alarme moto sur smartphone pour Roadster

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for Roadster

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With a smartphone motorcycle alarm for Roadster , you offer the best protection to your two wheels! By integrating numerous features, GeoRide is the most complete and efficient motorcycle alarm to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen.

A motorcycle alarm for Roadster


By installing a motorcycle alarm for Roadster , you will benefit from the most effective protection for your motorcycle. A classic motorcycle alarm does not protect it effectively if you are not nearby.

While with GeoRide, the anti- lift motorcycle alarm for roadster , your motorcycle will be safe, wherever you are!

The technology integrated into the two-wheel roadster alarm allows you to know as soon as someone touches or gets on your motorcycle.

The slightest vibration is analyzed to verify that your motorcycle is not being stolen. If the roadster motorcycle alarm system detects a suspicious event, you will be immediately notified via push notification on your Android or iOS smartphone.

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for Roadster - ©Wikimedia - @Gzminiz A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for Roadster - ©Wikimedia - @Gzminiz

Installing the motorcycle alarm for a roadster is extremely simple! Simply place the GeoRide box under the seat of your vehicle and connect it to the battery.

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GeoRide offers you unparalleled simplicity in its installation! From now on, it is possible to install GeoRide directly on the headlights of your motorcycle, without going directly through the battery!

Its consumption has been greatly reduced, which allows your motorcycle to benefit from an autonomy of 4 months when you are not using it!

And for those who don't want to have to plug the device into their vehicle, it's possible! GeoRide includes a battery that will last 15 days. Then you just need to recharge it so that it continues to work.

Perfect for those two wheels that don't have a battery but you still want to protect.

A motorcycle GPS alarm for Roadster

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GeoRide is also a motorcycle GPS alarm for Roadster . You will therefore have additional features allowing you to locate your motorcycle at any time!

The beacon integrated into the box is used to record all of your journeys, with data such as the towns crossed, the speed of your ride, the duration and distance of the journey as well as the weather.

Beyond the basic history functionalities, the GPS tracker will above all allow you to monitor your motorcycle if it is stolen. From the smartphone application, you will have access to the position of your motorcycle from anywhere, all the time!

Such precise location data is essential for law enforcement to be able to find your motorcycle before something happens to it.

GeoRide considerably improves GPS data by increasing location accuracy to 1 meter, but also location underground.

This way, if your motorcycle were to be stolen, and it is stored in an underground car park, the location will be precise and reliable enough to locate it!

A connected motorcycle alarm for Roadster


A connected motorcycle alarm for Roadster allows you to secure your motorcycle better than a traditional anti-theft device. Unlike the latter, GeoRide is not used to delay a flight, but to act before, during and after!

You can anticipate it thanks to vibration detection, and find your motorcycle thanks to the GPS tracker. The best way to prevent theft is to detect it before it happens.

The Roadster motorcycle alarm is available from €9.99 per month . Thanks to this no-obligation subscription, you will be able to benefit from GeoRide network coverage in France, and in more than 43 countries throughout Europe!

Whether you are at home in France, or on a road trip in another country, GeoRide will protect you in the same way.

Best motorcycle alarm for Roadster , GeoRide is also the most complete and efficient application! It will be perfect for the most demanding motorcyclists when it comes to the safety of their motorcycle.

Insurance companies trust GeoRide ! By installing the anti-bike jacking motorcycle alarm for Roadster , you can lower the price of your franchise!

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