Une alarme moto sur smartphone pour motocross

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for motocross

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The motorcycle alarm on smartphone for motocross , GeoRide, is the best way to secure your motorcycle when you cannot keep an eye on it all the time!

A motorcycle alarm for motocross

With a motorcycle alarm for motocross, your two wheels will be protected in the best possible way. Where a traditional anti-theft device only serves to delay a theft, GeoRide, the anti- lift motorcycle alarm for motocross, allows you to intervene before, during, and after the theft!

The best way to prevent vehicle theft is to act before it happens! And this is what GeoRide allows thanks to the vibration detection of its case.

As soon as someone touches or rides on your motorcycle when it is parked, the unit will analyze these vibrations and send you an alert immediately on your Android or iOS smartphone.

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for motocross A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for motocross

Installing the motocross alarm is extremely simple! Simply place the small box under the saddle of your two wheels and connect it to the battery to power it. Once in place, your motorcycle will be connected and secure!

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The new version of GeoRide improves many features! Now, when you don't use your motorcycle for several days, your vehicle's battery will not be discharged.

By going from 15 days to 4 months of autonomy, GeoRide will be suitable for all motorcyclists, even those who do not ride in winter or for long months.

If you don't want to connect the motocross alarm system to your vehicle's battery, it's possible!

Without connection, GeoRide has an autonomy of 15 days. So you can install it and charge it only when it needs it. This also allows installation on two wheels that do not have a battery.

A motorcycle GPS alarm for motocross

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The motorcycle GPS alarm for motocross integrates a vibration sensor, but also a GPS beacon. The latter will allow you, in the event of theft, to precisely locate your vehicle.

This way, you will not only be able to track its movements in real time, but also know where it was stored after the flight!

By communicating this valuable information to law enforcement, they will be able to find your dirt bike before anything happens to it.

Beyond safety, the GPS beacon for motocross also offers many other features!

You will be able to access all the trips you have made with GeoRide, while recovering important data: average speed, maximum speed, trip duration, trip distance, weather, etc.

This information will not only allow you to learn more about your driving style, but also to create road books based on the rides you have taken!

Whether you are underground, in town, on a motocross field or on paths, this new tracking system will know exactly where your motorcycle is so that you can never have it stolen.

A connected motorcycle alarm for motocross


By installing a connected motorcycle alarm for motocross , you can put your vehicle in your pocket! Monitor it from anywhere, anytime to make sure it's safe.

The price of the motocross alarm starts at €9.99 per month. This will allow you to benefit from all the functions of GeoRide, but also to secure your motorcycle everywhere in France and in more than 100 countries across Europe!

By combining the best motocross alarm with the most efficient and complete application, you are guaranteed to have a motorcycle protected against theft.

This is why insurance companies trust GeoRide ! You can lower the amount of your deductible if you are equipped.

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