Une alarme moto sur smartphone pour KTM 

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for KTM

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By choosing a smartphone motorcycle alarm for KTM , you are offering the best protection to your motorcycle. Totally invisible, and more effective than a classic anti-theft device, GeoRide allows you to put your motorcycle in your pocket!

Motorcycle alarm for KTM


The motorcycle alarm for KTM allows you to be notified immediately if your motorcycle is stolen! For this, GeoRide, the two-wheel alarm for KTM, integrates numerous sensors which will detect vibrations and the position of your motorcycle.

So, if your vehicle is parked, whether at home, or during a break during your ride, and someone touches it or climbs on it, you will be immediately notified on your Android or iOS smartphone via a push notification! The anti- lift motorcycle alarm for KTM is much more effective than a traditional anti-theft device.

GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for KTM motorcycle GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for KTM motorcycle

These are designed to delay a theft, but once removed, your motorcycle could be stolen without you knowing! In addition, once the theft has been committed, it will be impossible for you to locate your motorcycle to find it.

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GeoRide solves this problem with innovative technologies and an application available on smartphones. In less than 3 seconds, you receive the vibration alert directly on your phone. You can then intervene quickly to check that your motorcycle is safe.

GeoRide, the best motorcycle alarm for KTM is completely invisible! Installed under your saddle and connected to your motorcycle's battery, no one will suspect that your motorcycle is protected! Removing the case without you being informed will become impossible.

Installing the motorcycle alarm for KTM is extremely simple, you don't need any specific knowledge! The application will guide you step by step using a tutorial video and documentation.

A GPS alarm for KTM motorcycle

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A KTM motorcycle GPS alarm is additional protection for your two wheels. In addition to vibration detection which allows you to know if someone touches or climbs on your motorcycle, GeoRide integrates a GPS beacon which gives you the possibility of tracking the movement of your motorcycle in real time!

If your motorcycle is stolen, if you were unable to intervene in time, you will be able to know how fast it is moving, and where it will be stored! Once transmitted to law enforcement, this information will allow them to find your motorcycle quickly before anything happens to it!

Although the GPS tracker is essential for securing your motorcycle, it also allows you to create ride histories! Thus, each trip made with your motorcycle will be available in the GeoRide application with associated statistics: average speed, maximum speed, weather, duration and distance of the trip.

Use this information to learn more about your driving style or to create road books that you can share with the GeoRide community.

A connected motorcycle alarm for KTM


By installing a connected motorcycle alarm for KTM , you considerably reduce the risk of your motorcycle being stolen! The price of the motorcycle alarm for KTM starts from €9.99 per month.

The latter allows you to benefit from all the features of the box in France, but also abroad in more than thirty countries in Europe! In your garage or on the roads of Europe, your motorcycle will be protected in the best possible way.

If your motorcycle is equipped with GeoRide , you can lower the amount of your deductible with your insurance!

The anti bike jacking motorcycle alarm for KTM is recognized for its effectiveness, reliability and ease of use. The application for Android and iOS is the most complete and efficient on the market, so it will suit the most demanding motorcyclists.

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