Une alarme moto sur smartphone pour Honda 

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for Honda

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GeoRide is a smartphone motorcycle alarm for Honda ! It helps secure your motorcycle against theft attempts by immediately notifying you on your Android or iOS phone.

Motorcycle alarm for Honda


With the motorcycle alarm for Honda , protect your motorcycle in the best possible way. Installing the motorcycle alarm for Honda is extremely simple, simply connect it to your motorcycle's battery to power it, and attach it under the saddle of your two-wheeler.

Unlike solutions generally sold commercially, GeoRide is completely invisible from the outside! No one will suspect that your motorcycle is protected.

It will therefore become extremely difficult for anyone to know that your motorcycle is protected, but above all it will become impossible for a thief to disconnect GeoRide without you being notified!

GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for Honda motorcycle GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for Honda motorcycle

Inside the case, you will find numerous technologies that help secure your motorcycle. The most important is vibration detection!

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Thanks to this anti-lifting motorcycle alarm solution for Honda , no one will be able to move or lift your motorcycle without you being aware. But GeoRide goes even further, because vibration detection allows, as its name suggests, to detect the slightest vibration on your motorcycle.

So, if someone touches your motorcycle or starts to climb on it, you will be notified in less than 3 seconds! Completely silent, the alarm emits no sound and only alerts you on your smartphone so that you can intervene as quickly as possible.

The best solution to avoid theft is to act before it happens! And this is what GeoRide offers, the anti-bike jacking motorcycle alarm for Honda with its vibration detection technology.

A GPS alarm for Honda motorcycle

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GeoRide is also a GPS alarm for Honda motorcycles ! In addition to the classic functionalities of a motorcycle alarm, the box includes a connected GPS tracker!

You will therefore be able to follow the daily movements of your motorcycle in real time to retrieve a history of your journeys, with precise data such as the average speed of your ride, the duration and distance of the journey or even the weather, but also, and above all, , to find your motorcycle in the event of theft!

With precise and reliable position data provided by the two-wheel alarm for Honda, the police will be able to intervene more quickly to maximize the chances of finding your vehicle before anything happens to it.

Thieves are getting smarter, but so is GeoRide! That's why the case includes an anti-jamming solution that will alert you if anything suspicious is detected.

As soon as the box loses connection with the GeoRide server, you are notified on your smartphone so you can check that your motorcycle is safe.

A connected motorcycle alarm for Honda


The connected motorcycle alarm for Honda allows you to put your motorcycle in your pocket! All information and alerts are available in the GeoRide app on iPhone and Android. This is the most complete and efficient application on the market which will suit the most demanding motorcyclists.

Protecting your motorcycle can be expensive, but not with GeoRide . The price of the motorcycle alarm for Honda starts at €9.99 per month.

You can benefit from the service throughout France, but also beyond with more than thirty countries throughout Europe!

Go on a road trip to another country, or use your motorcycle to get to work, GeoRide will protect it the same way! In addition to protecting your two wheels, with GeoRide, lower the price of your franchise!

Install the best motorcycle alarm for Honda and protect it like no other system allows.

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