Une alarme moto sur smartphone pour BMW 

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for BMW

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GeoRide is a smartphone-based motorcycle alarm for BMW . It allows you to effectively protect your vehicle against theft attempts by receiving alerts directly on your phone.

Motorcycle alarm for BMW


The motorcycle alarm for BMW is a very small box that you install under the saddle of your motorcycle. For it to work, simply connect it to the battery of your two wheels.

Totally autonomous, GeoRide can operate even if you don't use your motorcycle for several days! Perfect for riders who only use their motorcycle for weekend rides.

Installing the BMW motorcycle alarm is very simple and does not require calling a professional. You will have a video tutorial directly in the GeoRide application with clear explanations accessible to everyone.

Unlike a classic anti-theft device, GeoRide is completely invisible! This will make it very difficult for anyone to notice that your motorcycle is protected, but it will be even more difficult for thieves to remove the case without you being notified.

GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for BMW motorcycle GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for BMW motorcycle

Indeed, GeoRide, the two-wheel alarm for BMW, uses different sensors to prevent theft attempts. Most importantly, vibration detection allows the box to know if your motorcycle is touched by someone when it is parked, whether outdoors or in a covered parking lot.

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As soon as a suspicious event is detected by the box, you are immediately notified by push notification on your Android or iOS smartphone.

The alerts arrive in less than 3 seconds, so it is a very effective anti -lift motorcycle alarm for BMW because it allows you to detect theft before it happens.

A GPS alarm for BMW motorcycles

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GeoRide is also a GPS alarm for BMW motorcycles ! This means that in addition to the vibration detection features, you have a real GPS beacon on your motorcycle.

Thanks to this option, you will be able to track the movements of your motorcycle in real time, but also know where it is hidden by the thief.

This information can be transmitted directly to law enforcement so that they can intervene quickly, even before anything happens to your motorcycle.

When your vehicle moves when it shouldn't, for example following a theft, you receive a call directly to your phone. This way, and if you missed the vibration notification or were not able to intervene in time, you will be alerted in another way.

A connected motorcycle alarm for BMW

Available on iOS and Android, GeoRide is the most complete and efficient connected motorcycle alarm for BMW on the market ! The anti bike jacking motorcycle alarm for BMW allows you to keep an eye on your motorcycle, wherever you are!

By equipping yourself with GeoRide, the best motorcycle alarm for BMW, you can lower the price of your franchise! Insurance companies trust GeoRide, so why not you?


The price of the motorcycle alarm for BMW starts from €9.99 per month. You will then have access to GeoRide everywhere in France, whether you are in the countryside or in town, but also in more than thirty countries in Europe!

With optimal network coverage wherever you are, you can go for a ride with peace of mind, your motorcycle will be protected. Because protecting your motorcycle is essential, with GeoRide, the safety of your BMW motorcycle has no boundaries.

All the features of this motorcycle alarm system for BMW allow you to effectively protect your vehicle: vibration detection, GPS tracking, anti-jamming system, invisible installation... but also to have information on your driving style and on the journeys you have made: speed of travel, duration of journeys, distance of journeys, weather, etc.

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