Une alarme moto sur smartphone pour Aprilia 

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for Aprilia

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The smartphone motorcycle alarm for Aprilia is the ideal solution if you want to protect your motorcycle against theft attempts. Connected and reliable, GeoRide is an essential box for any motorcyclist concerned about the safety of their motorcycle.

Motorcycle alarm for Aprilia


The motorcycle alarm for Aprilia is a small box that is installed under the saddle of your two wheels. Installing the motorcycle alarm for Aprilia is extremely simple! Simply connect it to your vehicle's battery, and pair it with your smartphone via the GeoRide application!

Once installed and connected, the anti-lift motorcycle alarm for Aprilia will warn you if someone tries to steal your motorcycle. The integrated sensor allows you to detect the slightest vibration of your motorcycle!

So, if someone touches your motorcycle or climbs on it, you will be immediately notified on your phone via a push notification!

GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for Aprilia motorcycle - ©Felfu - Wikimedia GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for Aprilia motorcycle - © Felfu - Wikimedia

Fast and reliable, it only takes 3 seconds for GeoRide to notify you. By integrating an anti-jamming solution into the two-wheel alarm for Aprilia , GeoRide ensures effective protection of your motorcycle, even against the best equipped thieves.

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As soon as a problem prevents GeoRide from communicating with the server, you are immediately notified so that you can intervene as quickly as possible.

A GPS alarm for Aprilia motorcycle

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A GPS alarm for Aprilia motorcycle in addition to an anti-theft device, that's what GeoRide offers! With a GPS beacon integrated into the case, your motorcycle can be located at any time and from anywhere directly from your Android or iOS smartphone.

So, if your motorcycle was stolen, but you didn't have time to act when first notified, you will be able to find out where it was moved!

This information, once transmitted to the police, will allow your motorcycle to be found in record time, before anything happens to it.

In addition to knowing the position of your motorcycle in real time, the integrated GPS tracker collects all the statistics from your motorcycle rides. Route, average speed, maximum speed, trip time, trip distance and weather!

It is therefore an essential tool if you want to learn more about your driving style and create road books from your motorcycle trips.

A connected motorcycle alarm for Aprilia


A connected motorcycle alarm for Aprilia is essential if you want to effectively protect your motorcycle! A traditional anti-theft device helps slow down the theft of your vehicle, but without you being notified.

If you are not there, it will therefore be impossible to prevent the theft and even less to locate your motorcycle later. With GeoRide, the Aprilia motorcycle alarm system , you will be warned before the theft takes place, and without the thief knowing!

The best way to protect yourself from theft is to act before it happens.

The motorcycle alarm for Aprilia is priced at €9.99 per month. This allows you to benefit from the best protection and all the features of GeoRide, everywhere in France, and in more than thirty countries in Europe!

Whether you're at home or on a road trip to another country, you won't have to worry about the safety of your motorcycle, GeoRide will do it for you!

Best motorcycle alarm for Aprilia , GeoRide is also the most complete and efficient application on the market! All of the features are developed by bikers for bikers.

By installing it on your motorcycle, you can lower the price of your insurance excess in the event of theft! If insurance companies trust GeoRide , the anti-bike jacking motorcycle alarm for Aprilia , then why not you?

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