Acheter un traceur GPS moto à Toulouse

Buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Toulouse

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Buying a motorcycle GPS tracker in Toulouse allows you to know, at any time, and from anywhere, where your motorcycle is. Enjoy GPS and connected features for your motorcycle directly on your smartphone.

Purchase of a motorcycle GPS tracker in Toulouse

By purchasing a motorcycle GPS tracker in Toulouse , you can add many features to your motorcycle!


Thanks to GeoRide, discover a new way to protect your motorcycle while benefiting from incredible options for your journeys.

This connected box incorporates vibration detection technology that alerts you as soon as someone touches your motorcycle. You receive an alert directly on your smartphone and you can therefore intervene at the slightest suspicious event.

Unlike a traditional anti-theft device which only serves to delay a theft, GeoRide allows you to act before and after a theft!

The built-in GPS chip allows you to know the position of your motorcycle at any time. From your smartphone, you can know if your motorcycle is safe, but also track its movements in the event of theft.

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By integrating a 110 dB audible alarm that can be triggered remotely, you can not only deter anyone coming too close to your motorcycle, but also locate it with greater precision if it is stolen.

Beyond protecting the motorcycle, GeoRide also protects the rider! With an integrated fall detector, the case can detect if you are the victim of an accident. If this is the case and you are unable to notify emergency services, GeoRide will take care of notifying your loved ones by transmitting your position data.

Safety is important to GeoRide, but not at the expense of driving pleasure. Thanks to the GPS features of the case, you can permanently record all your motorcycle trips!

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We believe that every rider should have the freedom to pursue their passion without stress, to be safe and to stay connected with those who matter to them.

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From the application you can find your ride history, but also precise data such as maximum speed, average speed, trip duration, trip distance as well as the weather and the angle of inclination of your motorcycle.

All this information allows you to relive your entire journey as if you were there, simply by viewing it from the app, but it also helps riders learn more about their riding style.

High-performance, GeoRide is also pleasant to use on a daily basis. The Bluetooth badge delivered with the GPS tracker allows you to take advantage of the anti-theft features without needing to use your smartphone!

When it is near the badge attached to your keys, GeoRide recognizes you and deactivates the anti-theft protection so that you can get back on the road without triggering the alarm. During a break or a stop, if you move away from the box, the anti-theft protection is immediately activated so that you are notified of the slightest movement of your motorcycle.


Compatible with all motorcycles, whether it is a 50 cc, 600 cc or 1200 cc, and with all brands, BMW, KTM, Kawasaki... GeoRide will protect your two wheels in the same way, whatever the model.

Once installed under the saddle of your vehicle, and connected to the battery, it permanently protects it for more than 4 months without you needing to start your motorcycle to recharge it!

Beyond this period, the box will automatically switch to its internal battery to preserve your motorcycle's battery.

Where to buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Toulouse?

No longer wonder where to buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Toulouse ! We will tell you the best places to get GeoRide, the GPS tracker for motorcycles in Toulouse.

Purchasing a motorcycle GPS tracker in Toulouse can be done in different locations. You can go directly to the GeoRide offices located at 150 rue Nicolas Louis Vauquelin, 31100 Toulouse.

The Speedway store located at 6 rue Louis Bonin north of Toulouse also allows you to buy GeoRide in a physical store.

Sold from €9.99/month, purchasing a motorcycle GPS tracker in Toulouse allows you to secure your motorcycle in the best possible way.

Where to find a motorcycle GPS tracker online?

If you want to know where to find a motorcycle GPS tracker online , go to .

Purchasing the motorcycle GPS tracker is done in a few clicks and you will receive it at home in a few days thanks to fast delivery.

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