Acheter un traceur GPS moto à Rennes

Buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Rennes

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Buying a motorcycle GPS tracker in Rennes is the most effective solution to protect your motorcycle against theft. Thanks to GeoRide, you benefit from the best anti-theft protection for motorcycles, but also many other features.

Buying a motorcycle GPS tracker

Purchasing a motorcycle GPS tracker is essential if you want to protect your vehicle against theft attempts.


The vibration detection integrated into the GeoRide case lets you know if your motorcycle is touched by someone when parked. If this is the case, you receive a real-time alert on your smartphone so you can intervene before your motorcycle is stolen. The network coverage offered by GeoRide is very efficient and works even in underground garages.

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Associated with vibration detection, GeoRide also integrates a GPS chip allowing you to locate your motorcycle at any time, anywhere in the world. If it is stolen, you can, from your Android or iOS smartphone, find out where it is. Unlike traditional anti-theft devices such as disc blocks which are used to slow down thefts, GeoRide allows you to act before, during and after a theft! The silent alarm alerts you as soon as a thief touches your motorcycle so you can intervene before he takes off with it. GeoRide also includes a powerful 110 dB siren to deter thieves in the event of theft, but also to locate your motorcycle with greater precision. In the event of theft, you can trigger the alarm from your phone, allowing you to know in which garages or trucks your motorcycle has been hidden. All this information can be communicated to the police so that they can find your motorcycle in the event of theft, before it is damaged.

Your motorcycle is protected with GeoRide, but so are you! A fall detector is integrated into the motorcycle GPS tracker to determine if you are the victim of an accident. If this is the case, and you are unable to notify emergency services, GeoRide does it for you! The box will automatically call one of your loved ones to transmit your GPS position, so that they can notify emergency services.

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The safety of your motorcycle should not impact your driving pleasure! All the sensors integrated into GeoRide not only serve the safety of your motorcycle, but also record data associated with your driving. From the application, you can find the history of your journeys with precise data such as the duration or distance of the journey, but also the average speed, the maximum speed or even the angle of inclination when turning! The dynamic maps present in the GeoRide application interface allow you to relive each turn as if you were there, with the associated weather conditions.

GeoRide is convenient to use, and does not require the use of your phone. Thanks to the Bluetooth badge delivered with the case, you can activate and deactivate the anti-theft protection effortlessly! When you are near your two wheels, the box recognizes your badge and deactivates the protection so that you can hit the road immediately. In the event of a break or prolonged stop, as soon as you move away from your motorcycle, GeoRide detects this and instantly activates the anti-theft protection so that no one can touch your motorcycle.


Compatible with two wheels whatever the displacement or brand, whether it is a Yamaha MT-09 or an Aprilia Shiver 900, GeoRide offers the best protection for your motorcycle.

Connected directly to your motorcycle's battery, GeoRide can operate for several months without you needing to start your motorcycle or recharge its battery. In the event of a low battery, because you have not ridden your motorcycle for many months, GeoRide automatically switches to its internal battery to preserve that of your motorcycle, and notifies you via push notification.

Where to buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Rennes?

If you want to know where to buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Rennes , simply go to SpeedWay Rennes located at 9 Rue du Lieutenant Colonel Dubois. You can purchase our GPS tracker to protect your motorcycle immediately.

New resellers will be available near Rennes so that you can obtain the GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker with ease.

Where to find a motorcycle GPS tracker online?

Where to find a motorcycle GPS tracker online ? Simply go to to get the best motorcycle GPS tracker on the market. Delivered to your home within a few days, GeoRide is easy to install and does not require any special knowledge! The smartphone app guides you step by step.

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