Acheter un traceur GPS moto à Paris 

Buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Paris

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Buying a motorcycle GPS tracker in Paris is essential if you want to protect your motorcycle against theft and damage. With GeoRide and its connected features, put your motorcycle in your pocket.

Buying a motorcycle GPS tracker in Paris

Purchasing a motorcycle GPS tracker in Paris is very easy and allows you to secure your motorcycle like no other system allows.

By integrating a vibration sensor, GeoRide can detect the slightest movement of your motorcycle. If someone touches it, steps on it or moves it, it detects it and immediately notifies you on your smartphone in less than 10 seconds.


Unlike a traditional anti-theft device, GeoRide not only serves to delay thieves, but also to detect theft before it takes place. This way you can act quickly and before your motorcycle is stolen or damaged.

GeoRide has a high-precision GPS chip capable of locating your motorcycle anytime and anywhere. Whether you are in town, in the countryside or underground, you can know the position of your two wheels with great reliability.

Essential for finding your motorcycle in the event of theft, you can track the movements of your motorcycle in real time, but also know where it was stored after a theft. Combined with the 110 dB alarm integrated into the case, you will not only be able to deter people who come too close to your motorcycle, but also locate it with more precision thanks to the powerful sound emitted by the case.

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The safety of your motorcycle is paramount, but so is the safety of the rider. If you are the victim of an accident, GeoRide detects it and immediately notifies one of your loved ones by communicating your exact location. Thanks to your location data, your loved ones will be able to notify the emergency services so that they can intervene quickly.

The GPS tracker is also used to record all your motorcycle rides! From the Android and iOS application, you have access to all your trips as well as associated data: Duration, distance, average speed, maximum speed, weather and inclination angle.

Ideal for creating roadbooks, this data is essential for motorcyclists who want to learn more about their driving style. Relive all of your walks thanks to the dynamic GeoRide maps available directly in the Android and iOS application!

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Efficient, GeoRide does not require any smartphone to operate on a daily basis. Thanks to the included Bluetooth badge, you can activate and deactivate the protection easily, and without a phone!

When you are near your motorcycle, GeoRide recognizes the badge and automatically deactivates the protection so you can hit the road. In the event of a break or stop during your journey, as soon as you move away from your motorcycle, the box automatically activates the protection so that no one can touch your motorcycle without you knowing.


Compatible with all brands (Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha, Kawasaki, etc.), but also with all motorcycle models (Yamaha MT-09, Kawasaki Ninja 300, KTM Duke 1290, Triumph Street Triple 765 RS, etc.), GeoRide protects all motorcycles without exception !

Placed under the saddle of your two wheels, it is completely invisible! Powered directly by your motorcycle's battery, it can run for up to 4 months without you needing to start it! Beyond that, and to preserve your motorcycle's battery, GeoRide automatically switches to its internal battery and notifies you via notification on your smartphone.

Where to buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Paris?

Where to buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Paris ? To do this, simply go to our authorized resellers in the capital!

The purchase of the motorcycle GPS tracker in Paris can be done at SPEEDWAY Paris located at 237 Rue Marcadet. Available in store, you can equip your motorcycle with GeoRide to protect it immediately.

Close to Paris, and without having to go into the city center, you can go to the suburbs to SPEEDWAY Montlhéry located at 85-87 route d'Orléans in 91.

Purchasing a motorcycle GPS tracker in Paris is an essential way to secure your motorcycle against theft and damage. Beyond protection, GeoRide offers a new experience for all motorcyclists who like to keep track of their motorcycle routes.

Where to find a motorcycle GPS tracker online?

Where to find a motorcycle GPS tracker online ? To order GeoRide online, go to the website and order your connected box in just a few clicks.

Purchasing the motorcycle GPS tracker is easy and quick, you will receive the most effective protection for your motorcycle in just a few days.

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