Acheter un traceur GPS moto à Nice

Buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Nice

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Buying a motorcycle GPS tracker in Nice allows you to secure your motorcycle against theft attempts, but also to benefit from innovative features for your motorcycle rides.

Buying a motorcycle GPS tracker

Purchasing a motorcycle GPS tracker not only allows you to benefit from features essential to the safety of your motorcycle, such as anti-theft detection or fire alert, but also for the safety of the biker with fall detection.

Vibration detection is an innovative technology integrated into GeoRide that allows you to be alerted live on your Android or iOS smartphone as soon as someone touches your motorcycle. Whether your two-wheeler is parked in a private garage, in a car park or on the side of a road, the network coverage will be optimal and it will be protected in the same way.

Thanks to the GPS chip integrated into the GeoRide GPS tracker , you can, at any time, and from anywhere in the world, know the position of your motorcycle from the smartphone application. In the event of theft, you can track the slightest movement of your motorcycle with great precision. Most anti-theft devices allow you to delay a theft, but often it is too late to intervene. With GeoRide, you can not only anticipate thefts before they take place thanks to the silent alert, but also act after the theft using the GPS tracker! To deter thieves, the alarm integrated into the GeoRide box can emit a powerful sound of 110 dB! It can be triggered manually to deter, or automatically in the event of vibration detection.

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Associated with the GPS chip, the 110 dB alarm allows you to precisely locate your motorcycle if it has been hidden in a truck or box. With such precise information, law enforcement can find your motorcycle in no time, even before it suffers any damage. Vehicle safety is important, but with GeoRide, your safety is just as important! A fall detector is integrated into the case so that in the event of an accident, if you are unable to notify emergency services, your loved ones can be notified! Thanks to the GPS information transmitted by the box, they will be able to alert emergency services and tell them your exact position.

Beyond safety, GeoRide functions offer new possibilities for your motorcycle journeys. From the Android and iOS application, you can create Roadbooks from your ride history! Each trip made on a motorcycle will be saved with a lot of data, such as the weather, the angle of inclination, the duration of the trip or even its distance.

All this information is accessible in the application via dynamic maps so that you can relive your journeys as if you were there and improve your driving, both on the road and on the track.

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GeoRide is not only powerful, it's also smart! Comes with a Bluetooth badge, you can secure your motorcycle without needing your smartphone. When you are near your vehicle, the box will recognize the badge and deactivate the alarm so you can hit the road immediately.
In the event of a break, if you move away from your motorcycle, GeoRide automatically activates Anti-Theft mode so that no one can touch your motorcycle without you being informed.

Compatible with all motorcycles of all brands, whether it is a Triumph Street Triple 765RS or a Yamaha MT-09, GeoRide protects your motorcycle in the same way.

Totally invisible, it is placed under the saddle and connected to the battery. It can operate for many months without you needing to start your two wheels. In case of low battery, it automatically switches to its internal battery and notifies you via a notification on your smartphone.

Where to buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Nice?

To find out where to buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Nice , go to SPEEDWAY Nice located at 1 rue Auguste Gal. In our partner's physical store, you can get GeoRide without delay!

Available from €9.99/month, purchasing GeoRide in Nice allows you to protect your motorcycle against theft, but also against fire or damage.

Where to find a motorcycle GPS tracker online?

If you are looking for where to find a motorcycle GPS tracker online , go to Purchasing the GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker online is quick, and you will receive it within a few days. Its installation is easy so you can protect your motorcycle with ease. With GeoRide , enjoy your motorcycle rides with peace of mind.

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