Acheter un traceur GPS moto à Marseille

Buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Marseille

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Buying a motorcycle GPS tracker in Marseille is very effective in many situations. Connected and efficient, GeoRide can detect if your motorcycle is the victim of a fire, a fall while stationary or an attempted theft.

Buying a motorcycle GPS tracker

Purchasing a motorcycle GPS tracker is the best way to permanently protect your motorcycle against theft attempts.


To detect theft, GeoRide integrates a vibration detector capable, as its name suggests, of detecting the slightest vibration of your motorcycle. By analyzing these, the GeoRide connected box is able to know if someone touches your motorcycle when it is parked, and to warn you on your smartphone in the event of an attempted theft. Unlike a traditional anti-theft device, GeoRide not only serves to delay the thief, but also to prevent theft by acting before it takes place.

If your motorcycle is stolen and you don't have time to act, the GPS tracker integrated into GeoRide allows you to locate it in real time with great precision. The slightest movement of your motorcycle will be accessible from the GeoRide smartphone application. This precise data is essential for law enforcement. By reliably knowing the position of your motorcycle, they can intervene quickly to find it, before it suffers damage.

Associated with GPS, GeoRide includes a 110 dB alarm that can be triggered manually from your phone, or automatically if suspicious movement is detected.

GeoRide doesn't just protect your motorcycle, it can protect the rider too! Thanks to its integrated fall sensor, the case detects when you have a fall. If you are unable to notify emergency services, GeoRide will automatically notify your loved ones by providing them with your location so that they can send emergency services to the exact location of your accident.

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GeoRide prioritizes safety, but this does not come at the expense of driving pleasure. The inclination sensor associated with the GPS tracker allows you, in the application, to relive your journeys as if you were there! Dynamic maps display the maximum speed, average speed, trip distance, weather and even the lean angle of your motorcycle when turning. Create roadbooks based on your ride history and learn more about your driving style to progress, both on the road and on the track.

Intelligent, GeoRide does not require being permanently connected to your smartphone. It is autonomous, and can be activated and deactivated using the Bluetooth badge supplied with it. When you are near your motorcycle with the badge, GeoRide recognizes you and deactivates the anti-theft protection. In the event of a stop or break during one of your rides, or if you stray too far from your motorcycle, GeoRide instantly activates anti-theft protection so that no one can touch your motorcycle.

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GeoRide is completely invisible! Both in use and installation. Placed under the saddle of your two-wheeler, simply connect it to your vehicle's battery for it to be operational. In order not to damage your motorcycle's battery, the box has a safety feature allowing it to automatically switch to its internal battery as soon as your motorcycle's battery weakens. With an autonomy of up to several months, your motorcycle will be protected all year round, including during winter when you are not riding.

Compatible with all motorcycles of all brands, whether it is a KTM Duke 790 or a Husqvarna 701, GeoRide offers the same protection to all motorcycles.

Where to buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Marseille?

To find out where to buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Marseille , go directly to our SPEEDWAY Marseille reseller located at 119 Cours Lieutaud. You can quickly obtain your GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker and install it immediately to secure your motorcycle.

Where to buy the GeoRide Motorcycle GPS tracker near Marseille ? Motorcyclists who live on the outskirts of Marseille can get GeoRide without having to go to the city center! The purchase of the GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker is also possible in the town of Aubagne, in the SPEEDWAY Aubagne store located at 121 Chemin de l'Aumône Vieille.

Purchasing a GeoRide GPS tracker in Marseille is essential to secure your two wheels against theft attempts.

Where to find a motorcycle GPS tracker online

Where to find a motorcycle GPS tracker online ? If no reseller is available in your city, you can obtain GeoRide from the official store. Order your GPS tracker in a few clicks and receive it quickly at home!

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