Acheter un traceur GPS moto à Lyon

Buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Lyon

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Buying a motorcycle GPS tracker in Lyon is the best way to protect your motorcycle against theft attempts. With the GeoRide tracker, you also benefit from many other protection features, whether it is biker protection or fire alert.

Buying a motorcycle GPS tracker

Purchasing a motorcycle GPS tracker is necessary if you want to effectively protect your motorcycle against theft.

Thanks to the vibration detection technology integrated into GeoRide, you are informed as soon as someone touches your motorcycle. Receive real-time alerts on your smartphone and act before your motorcycle suffers damage. Whether your motorcycle is parked in a private garage, on the side of a road or in a supermarket car park, the protection offered by GeoRide will work the same.


A GPS chip is integrated into GeoRide so you can know where your motorcycle is at any time, from anywhere in the world. If your motorcycle were to be stolen, you could know precisely where it is, whether it is stationary or moving.

Traditional anti-theft devices aim to delay theft. But with GeoRide, you can act before the theft happens! GeoRide's silent alarm notifies you without the thief being aware, so you can intervene quickly. You can also activate the powerful 110 dB alarm built into the case to deter thieves.

In combination with the GPS chip, the siren integrated into GeoRide allows you to pinpoint the location of your motorcycle with great precision. If the latter is stolen and then stored in a garage, a truck or a box, with the powerful alarm, you will be able to easily identify the position of your motorcycle. This precise information can be communicated to the police so that they can intervene quickly, before your motorcycle suffers damage.

With GeoRide, your motorcycle is protected, but so are you! The fall detector integrated into the case can know if you are the victim of an accident. If this were to happen, and you couldn't notify emergency services, GeoRide will take care of it for you! By notifying your loved ones of the accident, and by communicating your GPS position, the emergency services can be quickly on site.

Safety is a key point of GeoRide, but it is not to the detriment of driving pleasure! The on-board GPS system and the numerous sensors present are also used to record a lot of data on your driving. From the Android or iOS application, consult the history of your journeys with numerous associated data: Weather, average speed, inclination angle or even journey distance. With this information, you can relive all your journeys as if you were there, and learn more about your driving style.

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GeoRide is reliable and pleasant to use. Placed under the saddle of your motorcycle, it is completely invisible. You can control it from your smartphone, or via the Bluetooth badges delivered with the box. Intelligent, GeoRide detects whether you are near your motorcycle or not, and activates or deactivates anti-theft protection accordingly.

Compatible with all motorcycles, whatever the brand or engine capacity, whether it is a Honda CB 600 or a Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200, GeoRide protection will work in the same way, and with the same precision.

Energy management is GeoRide's strong point. Connected to your motorcycle's battery, it can operate for many months without you needing to recharge it. In the event of a low battery, GeoRide automatically switches to its internal battery which can last several days in order to preserve your vehicle's battery.

Where to buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Lyon?

If you are looking for where to buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Lyon , go to DAINESE STORE located at 155 Avenue Maréchal de Saxe. You will be able to purchase GeoRide directly from our dealer and install it on your motorcycle the same day.

Soon, new resellers will be available near Lyon so that you can obtain the GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker without delay and so that your motorcycle is protected in the best way.

Where to find a motorcycle GPS tracker online?


If you want to know where to find a motorcycle GPS tracker online , go to . Purchasing the motorcycle GPS tracker is very easy, you will receive it in a few days at your home. Installation is done in just a few minutes using the installation guide in the GeoRide smartphone application. Protect your motorcycle with the GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker and go on a road trip with peace of mind.

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