Acheter un traceur GPS moto à Lille

Buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Lille

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Buying a motorcycle GPS tracker in Lille is essential if you want to protect your motorcycle against theft attempts. GeoRide's GPS features are ideal for securing your motorcycle, but also for keeping a history of your motorcycle rides

Purchase of a motorcycle GPS tracker in Lille

Purchasing a motorcycle GPS tracker in Lille allows you to add connected features to your motorcycle.

The technology built into GeoRide helps detect the slightest vibration on your motorcycle when it is parked. So, when it is in your garage or in a parking lot, and someone touches it, you immediately receive an alert on the Android or iOS smartphone application!

A traditional anti-theft device helps delay thieves, but with GeoRide you can anticipate thefts and act before they happen. Totally silent alarm, the notification received on your phone is sent in less than 10 seconds after detection. So you have time to intervene to check that your motorcycle is safe.

By integrating a GPS chip, GeoRide allows you to know the position of your motorcycle at any time from your smartphone. If it were stolen, you could not only know where it was hidden, but also track its movements in real time if it is moved.

To go further in protecting your motorcycle, GeoRide has a 110 dB audible alarm. Triggerable remotely from the smartphone application, it can also be triggered automatically on vibration detection.

Practical for deterring thieves, this alarm is just as useful for precisely finding your stolen motorcycle. If it is stored in a box, or in a vehicle, you just need to trigger the alarm to hear it and locate it precisely.

The safety of your motorcycle is essential, but so is that of the rider! The fall detector integrated into GeoRide allows it to know if you are the victim of an accident. If this happens and you are unable to notify emergency services, a call is immediately made to one of your loved ones so that they can intervene.

Permanently present on your motorcycle, GeoRide is also capable of saving all your motorcycle trips! Consult them from the application and create roadbooks from your walks.

Each recorded trip will be supplemented by driving data, such as average speed, maximum speed, trip distance, trip duration, but also the weather and the lean angle of your motorcycle.

Accessible from anywhere in the world, you can learn more about the way you drive, but also relive each of your journeys as if you were there

Powerful, GeoRide is also pleasant to use on a daily basis, it does not require your smartphone to operate! The Bluetooth badge supplied with the case allows you to activate and deactivate the protection with ease.

When near your motorcycle, GeoRide recognizes the badge and deactivates the alarm so you can ride without activating security. In the event of a stop or break, and when you move away from your motorcycle, protection is automatically activated so that no one can touch your vehicle without you knowing.

Compatible with all brands (BMW, KTM, Kawasaki, etc.), all displacements (50 cc, 500 cc, 1000 cc, etc.) and all models (Yamaha MT-07, Kawasaki Z650, Triumph Street Triple, etc.), GeoRide will protect all motorcycles the same

Placed under the saddle of your motorcycle, it is completely invisible and can operate for 4 months without you needing to start your motorcycle! Beyond that, it automatically switches to its internal battery to preserve that of your motorcycle.

Where to buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Lille?

Where to buy a motorcycle GPS tracker in Lille? Simply go to our resellers in Lille to get GeoRide, the GPS tracker for motorcycles.

The purchase of the motorcycle GPS tracker in Lille can be done at the Motoblouz Lille-Seclin store located in Zone Unexpo, Rue de l'industrie.

Near Lille, and without having to enter the city center, you can find the GeoRide connected box in the Motoblouz Carvin store located at 72 rue Élie Cartan

Available from €9.99/month, purchasing a motorcycle GPS tracker in Lille is essential if you want to protect your motorcycle against theft attempts.

Where to find a motorcycle GPS tracker online?

To find out where to find a motorcycle GPS tracker online , simply go to

Purchasing the motorcycle GPS tracker is quick and you will receive it at home within a few days. Installation is done in just a few minutes via the in-app installation guide. Protect your motorcycle with GeoRide and go for a ride with peace of mind.