4 motos volées en une semaine : un record

4 motorcycles stolen in one week: a record

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This first week of July marks a record for the GeoRide community: 4 motorcycles were stolen .

Thefts occur regularly, it has almost become routine for us. But this is the first time we've had so many in such a short time.

Check out these awesome stories .

Yamaha MT-07 stolen

During a beautiful evening on June 28, 2020, Yanis took advantage of his motorcycle to go to his gym in 94. After training and returning to the locker room, he noticed several GeoRide alerts on his smartphone: an alarm vibration and a zone exit alarm .

When he gets out, Yanis unfortunately notices that it is too late and that his motorcycle is gone. But thanks to GeoRide he can follow the movement of his two-wheeler in real time and then very quickly notifies the police. With all the information in hand, the police were able to intervene and find his motorcycle !
The neiman was forced but fortunately the SC Project pot was not vandalized.

Motorcycle found ✅

KTM 790 Duke stolen

On the same day of June 28, another motorcycle was stolen more than 9,000 km away, in Reunion .


While the motorcycle is parked in the basement , the thieves break the ignition switch at 11:50 p.m., a vibration alert is then instantly sent to the owner. At 11:51 p.m. the motorcycle leaves the security perimeter and an exit zone alert is sent. The criminals take the motorcycle by hand, rolling it in neutral.

At 00:15 the owner of the KTM is in front of his motorcycle with the police, found using GeoRide with real-time location . In 25 minutes the motorcycle was found!
Motorcycle found ✅

BMW F800 GS stolen

Discover the incredible story of this GeoRide user who documented every step of his flight in Lyon . We made a video of it available on our Facebook page .

Motorcycle found ✅

Triumph Daytona stolen

This magnificent sports car was stolen from an outdoor parking lot on July 5, 2020 at 1:16 a.m. The ignition key is broken, it is pushed 600 meters and the thief manages to start it because the motorcycle does not have a coded key .

The criminal plays with the motorcycle and a fall is detected at 02:14. The motorcycle is then loaded into a van, during which time the gendarmerie is contacted and the chase begins. The police followed his trail and the thief was arrested at 03:29.

La Nouvelle République even devoted an article to it.

triumph daytona
Motorcycle found ✅

Too easy to find a stolen motorcycle?

We can legitimately question the ease with which motorcycles are found, it's true: how come thieves get fooled?

To answer this question: let's study several situations .

A thief takes the motorcycle:

  • You receive a vibration alarm in seconds via push notification or phone call.

  • You receive a zone exit alarm when the vehicle leaves the zone where it was located.

  • You see the location of the motorcycle evolving in real time .

Now let's add some difficulties:
  • The thief removes the battery from the vehicle : you receive a disconnection alarm and the box continues to operate on its internal battery for a few days.

  • The thief removes the box from the vehicle : by the time he manages to remove the saddle from the motorcycle and find the location of the hidden GeoRide box, you will already be warned of a vibration and disconnection alarm .

    In the numerous thefts observed, we noticed that everything happened very quickly and that the criminals did not have time to try to tear off a saddle or look for the presence of a possible GPS Tracker.

  • The thief jams the box's signal : although jamming is an urban legend, we have thought of this possibility: you receive a network disconnection alert within a few minutes as soon as the signal is jammed.

    This permanent connection between the GeoRide robot and your motorcycle also gives you even more peace of mind: you know that GeoRide protects your motorcycle.

As you can see, no matter what happens you will be warned . It's simple in principle but it changes a lot of things, the sooner we are warned of a theft the more chances we have of finding it.
On the majority of flights that we have had, the operating mode is often the same.

The criminals take the motorcycle via a van (95% of thefts are carried out by kidnapping) and leave it in a place to check if it is equipped with GeoRide. This process ultimately benefits everyone: thieves are more likely to avoid the crime and GeoRide users get their motorcycle back.

On the other hand, we have not yet found a solution for those who have not switched to GeoRide...

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