4 motos retrouvées en 5 jours : record battu !

4 motorcycles found in 5 days: record broken!

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Between May 5 and 10, 2022, GeoRide enabled the recovery of 3 equipped motorcycles and one unequipped one.
Here's what happened:

2 MT-07s with a single GeoRide: May 5!

My motorbike was stolen last night, found thanks to the tracker that my friend had who also had his motorbike stolen. Just shout out @GeoRideFR and @WalaneRider and very big V to everyone
(It goes on a direct order after collecting my bike from the garage) pic.twitter.com/HcbAtq3lQo

— CliqueClique (@NilsMilka) May 6, 2022

Tom and Nils, students near Angers, live in a university residence secured by a closed gate. Nils notices the absence of his Yamaha in the morning before going to class and informs Tom. He checks for his part and also notices the disappearance of his motorcycle. Tom has a GeoRide 1 which informs him of the GPS position of his motorcycle. He directly informed the police who went to the scene and forced the opening of a box. Good surprise: the 2 Yamaha MT-07s were found and all this in less than 10 hours!
Nils, convinced by his experience, plans to quickly become part of the GeoRide community by equipping his Yamaha as soon as it leaves the garage.

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YAMAHA Tracer 900 GT found in the 3rd basement

Thibaud, a real estate agent traveling through Lyon every day, had his motorcycle stolen in the middle of the afternoon. He immediately notified the police, who, with the help of his GeoRide app, found his vehicle in an underground tunnel , level -3 a few streets away.
For the record, Thibaud has the GeoRide 1 with the manual locking/unlocking system. At the time of the theft he had forgotten to activate the lock; don't panic , this did not prevent the GPS Tracker from fulfilling its mission perfectly.

HONDA Africa Twin stolen during the night of May 9 to 10

Last night GeoRide suffered an exceptional network outage between 01:00 and 09:00 in the morning. An email to GeoRide 3 owners is sent by after-sales service to notify them and a second when the network is restored this morning. And there you have it, when the system restarts, the information comes out: 1 Honda Africa Twin stolen.

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Steeve's equipped with a GeoRide 3 and disappeared around 3am. When the system reconnects to the network, the GeoRide box automatically sends all GPS positions stored during the outage. Steeve thus receives an alert with the location of his motorcycle as well as its route during the night.
Steeve and the police go to the last geolocation point and thanks to the anti-theft siren , the motorcycle was found hidden in a bush.
Proven and demonstrated effectiveness of GeoRide, once again
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A thief takes the motorcycle:

  • You receive a vibration alert in seconds via push notification or phone call.
  • You receive an exit zone alert when the vehicle leaves the zone where it was located.
  • You see the location of the motorcycle evolving in real time .
  • Underground location with anti-theft siren.

Other difficulties may be added to this, but we try as much as possible to cover all eventualities to protect your vehicle and ensure your peace of mind.
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