• Additional proximity tag (GeoRide 3)
  • Additional proximity tag (GeoRide 3)
  • Additional proximity tag (GeoRide 3)
  • Additional proximity tag (GeoRide 3)

Proximity badge

Additional proximity tag (GeoRide 3)
Proximity badge
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Proximity badge

Included with your GeoRide 3 box, the new Bluetooth proximity badge allows you to activate or deactivate protection automatically when you are near the motorcycle.

The badge can be hung on your keys, or slipped into the pocket of your jacket to protect it from bad weather and ensure its proper functioning.

The battery life of the badge is approximately 1 year, the battery is included and easily replaceable.

Order an additional proximity badge if you have, for example, 2 drivers for a motorcycle.

Only for GeoRide 3.
Dimensions: height: 3.6 cm, width: 2.4 cm, thickness: 0.5 cm
Weight: 6g
Battery life: 1 year (depending on configuration)
Easy to replace battery (CR2032)
Certifications: CE, RoHS
Operating temperature: -20°C to 60°C
Water resistance: IP54

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