• Sponsor your loved ones and win up to 1 year of free subscription!

  • How it works ?

    When you sponsor a loved one, you each earn 1 month of subscription on your monthly plan.

    You can have up to 12 referrals per GeoRide and therefore earn up to one year of subscription.

  • 3 steps

    1. Open your GeoRide app and go to the Settings > Vehicles > Your vehicle > Sponsorship menu.

    2. Generate a new sponsorship link (note, active for 24 hours only) and send it to your loved one.

    3. Once your sponsored child has ordered their GeoRide and activated it, you will each receive 1 month of free subscription.


Does the sponsorship work on one-time purchase and monthly offer?

GeoRide sponsorship is only available for the monthly offer.

To sponsor a loved one, you must have a GeoRide as a monthly offer and your godchild must also purchase a GeoRide as a monthly offer.

I don't see the Sponsorship menu in my vehicle's settings.

If you don't see the Sponsorship menu:

  • Check that your GeoRide app is up to date
  • Check that your GeoRide was purchased as a monthly offer