Traceur GPS pour Triumph Trident 660

GPS tracker for Triumph Trident 660

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With GeoRide, the GPS tracker for Triumph Trident 660 , you can receive anti-theft alerts directly on your phone! Protect your motorcycle in the best possible way with GeoRide

Triumph Trident 660 smartphone alarm


A smartphone alarm for Triumph Trident 660 allows you to receive real-time alerts in the event of an attempted theft on your motorcycle ! Thanks to the vibration sensor integrated into GeoRide, the slightest vibration on your motorcycle is identified!

The powerful 110 dB siren can then be triggered automatically or manually, but you can also choose the silent alarm which will only notify you on your smartphone!
Compact, GeoRide is installed under the saddle of your motorcycle. Once connected to the latter's battery, it can ensure the protection of your vehicle for many months! Managing your motorcycle's battery is essential for GeoRide! Very energy efficient, it can also switch to energy saving mode so that your motorcycle's battery does not drain and you can hit the road at any time!

Triumph Trident 660 connected anti-theft device

Locate your motorcycle in real time
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With the connected anti-theft device for Triumph Trident 660 , you benefit from the best anti-theft protection for a motorcycle! When a classic anti-theft device only serves to delay the theft, GeoRide constantly analyzes the condition of your motorcycle and at the slightest suspicious event, notifies you on your phone!
Much more than a simple connected anti-theft device, GeoRide is also the best GPS tracker for Triumph Trident 660 Motorcycle . Capable of locating your motorcycle with incredible precision, it allows you to find it in the event of theft!
The GPS position of your Triumph can also be shared with your loved ones, but also with the police! By creating a sharing link, they will be able to locate your motorcycle in real time and retrieve it before your motorcycle suffers damage.

Triumph Trident 660 anti-theft box

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We believe that every rider should have the freedom to pursue their passion without stress, to be safe and to stay connected with those who matter to them.

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The anti-theft case for Triumph Trident 660 does not only include protection against theft! Thanks to its different sensors, GeoRide can also detect accidents at high and low speed!
As soon as you are in an accident, GeoRide calls you on your phone. If you do not respond to the various calls, GeoRide services immediately notify emergency services by providing them with your GPS coordinates so that they can intervene quickly.
With accident detection for Triumph Trident 660 , you are protected while reassuring your loved ones! Share all your case information so they can know you're safe.

GeoRide for Triumph Trident 660 motorcycle


GeoRide for Triumph Trident 660 motorcycle provides effective protection against theft attempts by detecting them before they take place, but it also offers incredible protection to the rider with the fall sensor for Triumph Trident 660 .

The Triumph Trident 660 motorcycle alarm allows you to receive all alerts on your smartphone and trigger a powerful dissuasive siren installed on your motorcycle.
Motorcycle and rider protection is a core feature in GeoRide, but you also get plenty of stats! During your walks, GeoRide analyzes your driving and records your speed, your angle of inclination, your route and even the weather!
Placed under the saddle of your two wheels, GeoRide is completely invisible in use! The included Bluetooth badge lets you deactivate your motorcycle's protection automatically when you're nearby without needing to take out your phone. As soon as you stop to take a break or store your motorcycle, GeoRide detects this and automatically activates anti-theft protection.

Go for a ride with peace of mind and reassure your loved ones at the same time with GeoRide, the GPS tracker for Triumph Trident 660.
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