GeoRide ouvre son Discord pour tous !

GeoRide opens its Discord for everyone!

Published at 1 minute read

We open the doors to you

We can't wait to see you on the GeoRide Discord , because it is now accessible to everyone! 🎉

If you're still unsure or have questions about GeoRide, this is the perfect place to chat directly with our team and other passionate users.


Why join our Discord?

1. Live Chats 💬
Ask your questions, share your experiences and exchange tips with the GeoRide community.

2. Info in advance 🚀
Be the first to know about new features and latest updates.

3. Conviviality 🤝
Meet other motorcycle enthusiasts, exchange anecdotes and share experiences.

Configured for you!

You will find all the answers to your questions, and more! 😉
Now is the time to join us.