La famille GeoRide

The GeoRide family

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GeoRide is a GPS tracker , a motorcycle alarm and a fall detector for bikers, developed by bikers, but not only! GeoRide is also a community of bikers from all walks of life and creators of motorcycle-related content! We are proud to introduce you to the bikers who are members of the GeoRide family .

Valootre, discover motorcycling differently

Valootre is not a biker like the others since he has decided to help you discover motorcycling differently from what we are used to seeing!

Since 2017, this biker from the GeoRide family has not only explored the roads, but also the history of motorcycling to understand all the philosophy and the passion that emanates from it. As much a lover of his motorcycle as he is of Hauts-de-France, Valootre is not only a creator of innovative content, he also helps bikers to travel the North of France in the most beautiful way.


If Valootre chose GeoRide, it is not only for the protection that the case offers, it is also for all the tracking functionalities essential to its video concepts! Real-time tracking, trip history, driving data... GeoRide offers much more than protection to Valootre , it offers a new motorcycle driving experience.

Pauline Bike, with 2 or 4 wheels

Pauline Bike is THE essential biker in the world of motorcycles, but not only that! With 2 or 4 wheels, Pauline lets you discover new models and new landscapes through her motorcycle vlogs, all with joy and education.

Pauline Bike

Pauline Bike and her motorcycles are more than just a love story! If she chose GeoRide, it is to be sure to wake up every morning in the company of her motorcycles. In addition to protecting her vehicles, whether they have 2 or 4 wheels, GeoRide allows Pauline Bike 's loved ones to be reassured when she hits the road! Real-time tracking and sharing with loved ones allows her family to follow her movements at any time to ensure she is safe.

KinKin, the biker of tomorrow

KinKin is a biker who shares his experience, but also his numerous product tests on his YouTube channel. Thanks to his experience and knowledge in the world of motorcycles, he helps you discover innovative products for the motorcycle of tomorrow, but not only that! KinKin is also motorcycle vlogs, adventure, tests and even Road Trips both in France and in the rest of the world!


KinKin has chosen GeoRide for all the services provided. Anti-theft detection, after-theft assistance service, call for help in the event of an accident, etc. Rather than depending on different devices and different services, KinKin opted for GeoRide which brings together everything a biker needs in their smartphone!

Hit the Road, conquering the inaccessible

Clément Dumais and Paul Rdb, the intrepid duo behind Hit the Road, have been redefining adventure since 2010. Their list of exploits spans more than 20 countries, whether exploring, urban climbing, parkour or simple discovery, captured and shared on YouTube at a breakneck pace of one video per week. From climbing the Eiffel Tower to infiltrating the Chernobyl exclusion zone, they cross the boundaries of the impossible with flawless aplomb.

Hit the Road

If Hit the Road chose GeoRide, it is to provide this additional peace of mind during the most daring explorations, thanks to the call for help in the event of a fall. Clément and Paul can then embark on each adventure with peace of mind, knowing that their 1290 Super Adventure R is also protected in the event of theft!