Une alarme moto sur smartphone pour Kawasaki 

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for Kawasaki

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By installing a smartphone motorcycle alarm for Kawasaki , you will considerably reduce the risk of your motorcycle being stolen.

Indeed, where a classic anti-theft device does not allow you to know that your motorcycle is about to be stolen, GeoRide, the anti-lifting motorcycle alarm for Kawasaki will immediately warn you on your smartphone.

Motorcycle alarm for Kawasaki


The motorcycle alarm for Kawasaki , GeoRide, is a small box that allows you to connect your motorcycle to your smartphone. Installing the motorcycle alarm for Kawasaki is very simple, simply place GeoRide under your saddle and connect it to the battery of your two wheels.

For people with very little knowledge in this area, GeoRide has provided an explanatory video which will show you how to easily install your two-wheel alarm for Kawasaki.

Once in place, GeoRide is completely invisible! It will therefore become very difficult for anyone to detect it, and impossible to remove it without you being notified.


To effectively secure your motorcycle, GeoRide, the anti-bike jacking motorcycle alarm for Kawasaki integrates different sensors.

GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for Kawasaki motorcycle GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for Kawasaki motorcycle

The first allows you to detect vibrations on your motorcycle! When parked, whether in your garage, or on the street, your motorcycle is supposed to be completely still.

In the event that an individual were to touch or climb on your motorcycle, the sensor will detect it and notify you directly on your phone!

Extremely responsive, the delay between vibration detection and notification is approximately 3 seconds! You will therefore be able to intervene very quickly in the event of a problem, even before the flight takes place.

The built-in anti-jamming system provides additional protection against thieves with devices blocking data transmissions. You will therefore be warned, even if they use various means to steal your motorcycle.

A GPS alarm for Kawasaki motorcycle


The Kawasaki motorcycle GPS alarm has another extremely effective function. This is a GPS beacon that allows you to track the position of your two wheels in real time!

Beyond the classic features which allow you to have a history of your motorcycle journeys, the GPS tracker integrated into GeoRide offers additional essential security in the event of motorcycle theft.

If you did not have time to react to the first notifications and your motorcycle was stolen, then you will be able to know exactly where it is. All this directly in the GeoRide app for Android and iOS!

With precise position data, law enforcement will be able to intervene quickly to find your motorcycle before anything happens to it!

A connected motorcycle alarm for Kawasaki


The connected motorcycle alarm for Kawasaki has many features that will protect your motorcycle when you can't keep an eye on it. Its connectivity and options make GeoRide the best alarm for Kawasaki motorcycles.

Alarm protection extends across the entire territory, with automatic switching to the best available network. Whether you are in the countryside or in town, the case will protect your motorcycle in the same way!

But GeoRide doesn't stop there! With operations in more than thirty countries in Europe, you can go on a road trip with peace of mind.

The motorcycle alarm for Kawasaki starts at €9.99 per month. This allows you to benefit from all the functions: real-time position, vibration detection, trip history, fall detection, etc.

The motorcycle alarm system for Kawasaki also allows you to lower the amount of your deductible! Recognized by insurance companies as an effective solution, GeoRide is the best way to protect your motorcycle when you cannot keep an eye on it at all times.