24 motos volées retrouvées en 2020 grâce au Tracker GPS GeoRide

24 stolen motorcycles found in 2020 thanks to the GeoRide GPS Tracker

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2020 did not prevent the theft of motorcycles and scooters in France and abroad.
The GeoRide protection solution made it possible to avoid many but also to recover many motorcycles.


GeoRide figures

We recorded 17 motorcycle or scooter thefts during 2020. Thanks to the GeoRide Anti-Theft GPS Tracker , we were able to recover 16 belonging to GeoRide users and 8 motorcycles not equipped with our GPS Tracker.

The recovery rate of a stolen motorcycle equipped with GeoRide is 94% , a record!

The effectiveness of GeoRide is exceptional, 71% of stolen two-wheelers are found in less than 24 hours .

For every stolen motorcycle, GeoRide finds 1.4

Of the 17 motorcycle thefts recorded, we found 24 in total. GeoRide generally makes it possible to find other stolen motorcycles at the location of the hideout.

For every stolen motorcycle, GeoRide finds 1.4. GeoRide therefore allows people who are victims of theft to find their motorcycle without them being equipped with our GPS Tracker.

Top 3 most stolen two-wheeler models in 2020

Here is the GeoRide ranking of the most stolen motorcycle models in 2020.

  1. Yamaha MT-07 → 18% (3)
  2. BMW 1200 GS →18% (3)
  3. KTM Duke 790 → 12% (2)

Top 3 regions where GeoRide has recorded the most thefts

Here is the GeoRide ranking of the regions where motorcycles are most stolen in 2020.

  1. Île de France → 35% (6)
  2. Occitania → 12% (2)
  3. Auvergne Rhône Alpes → 12% (2)

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